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       PTG Advanced Catalyst Co., Limited is a chemical company with years of experiences in R&D, manufacturing and international trading. The product range mainly includes the advanced catalysts, pharmaceutical intermediates, agrochemical intermediates and special chemicals.

      PTG has the independent R&D centre and a first-class professional  team. The R&D centre is equipped with the synthesizing instruments for meeting any kinds of reaction and advanced analysis apparatus .We has a professional lab with the scale from gram to kilogram, a pilot workshop with the capacity from 10kg to 100kg, also a production site with the capacity of more than tons. Our products range involves in over sixty items. We are well experienced in various of synthesizing processes including organic phosphorus compounds, hydrogenation, nitration, esterification and chlorination reactions etc. In order to implement the industrialization of products with different reaction requirements, PTG also keeps the good relationship with the partner companies located in Hebei, Fujian, Shandong and Jiangsu of China.

       As a chemical manufacturer aiming to supply products globally, PTG has established the reliable and long term relationship with the famous companies from domestic and abroad depending on our advanced technology, good quality and professional service. All the products   have been exported to Europe, America, Japan and Korea, and so on, and well appreciated by the customers.

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